Monday, March 19, 2007

Hannah Spearritt cheated on her long-term lover

SEXY Primeval babe Hannah Spearritt cheated on her long-term lover when she started having a Jurassic lark with her hunky telly co-star.

Hannah and Andrew-Lee Potts take on time-travelling dinosaurs and other extinct beasties in the smash-hit TV series.

But it was what went on between them AFTER the cameras stopped rolling that left her five-year relationship with former S Club 7 bandmate Paul Cattermole as dead as a dodo.

Paul told the News of the World: "Hannah and I lived together happily until she started working on Primeval. Within days she became secretive and spent all her time in hotels, only coming home every few weeks.


"Within a couple of months our five-year relationship was over. I knew in my heart she was seeing Andrew.

"After being with somebody that length of time you have an amazing gut instinct."

The truth finally came out earlier this month when Hannah, 26, and Andrew, 27, went to a London film premiere as a couple.

In Primeval Andrew plays palaeontologist Connor Temple — who has a crush on Hannah's character, zoologist Abby Maitland. But Paul can't bring himself to watch the big-budget ITV show which pulls in eight million viewers.

He said: "I think it would take an amazing bloke to watch the woman he thought he might spend the rest of his life with and her new lover on telly together."

Hannah and Paul met when they joined S Club 7 in 1998. He said: "Our management had forbidden us from having relationships so it made us feel extra naughty. We found it hilarious. I remember creeping from one hotel room to another in the middle of the night so nobody would know.

"Hannah may have an angelic face but I used to call her a vixen in the bedroom.

"People used to say we had the perfect relationship—we were great mates with a fantastic sex life.

"We loved staying in having an Indian takeaway and watching a film, or just going to the pub. Hannah's such a petite thing, but she'd knock back pints with me." In October 2001 the pop pair admitted their secret romance in a blaze of publicity and kissed in an episode of the S Club 7 TV series.

And after becoming public property they made an extra effort to have time just for themselves.

Paul said: "I remember when we went away skiing together. We had a lovely chalet. We drank champagne and made love in front of the log fire.

"It was romantic, we were happy and were always very tactile with each other wherever we were. I imagine some of the other bandmates probably got a bit annoyed with us."


Paul quit S Club in 2002 and he and Hannah moved to Brighton. He formed a group called Skua and in 2005 became lead singer and songwriter of a band called Charlie Bullitt.

He said: "We moved to Brighton to get away from the pressures of being recognised.

"It wasn't a great time. I was getting slated for putting on weight. One paper said I looked like Meatloaf. I think I put on the weight because I lived with Hannah. She could eat whatever she liked. I couldn't!"

At the beginning of last year Hannah landed the job in Primeval just as Paul left his group.

He said: "I think we started to go downhill then. I wasn't working and decided to go back to acting.

"Hannah kept telling me to go out and get an agent and to get some work. I think I was a bit of a disappointment to her then and probably wasn't the greatest of boyfriends.

"I didn't have a lot going for me, but I never expected her to kick me while I was down. But I knew something was wrong—she wasn't tactile, she didn't want to make love.

"The crunch came when I realised it had been a whole two weeks since we'd seen each other. She obviously didn't want to be with me.

"I don't hate Hannah, I wish her happiness. I just feel sad that she couldn't tell me about her and Andrew before publicly announcing it."

A spokeswoman for Hannah said: "Hannah does not wish to make any comment."

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